Our Services

ABA Therapy

At Optimum ABA Therapy, we use evidence-based practices that are catered to each child’s individual needs. Each child will be paired with a therapist who works one-on-one with them to teach the necessary skills to foster effective communication that extends outside of the center and into their daily lives. They will learn a variety of skills from sitting in a group, following directions, imitating verbal and motor skills, labeling items, communicating their wants and needs by requesting items/activities, and having conversations. Because of our passion we take care in creating individualized treatment plans by utilizing assessments such as the ABLLS and the VB-Mapps. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts develop unique program plans that are adaptable for each child and will increase their appropriate skills while simultaneously decreasing their maladaptive behaviors.

Early Intervention

We provide our youngest clients with a nurturing environment to enable flourishing growth. We work on necessary skills like potty training, social behaviors, and pre-academic learning to ensure your little one is ready for the next stage.

Occupational Therapy

We partner with various occupational therapists to provide exceptional services for our clients

Speech Therapy

We partner with various speech therapists to provide exceptional services for our clients


We provide specialized tutoring for individuals with all types of learning abilities. By learning how your child learns we are able to offer specialized programs to teach them the right way.

Additional Services

  •   Individualized Programs
  •   Language and Behavior Therapy
  •   Skill Aquisition
  •   Social Programs
  •   School Shadowing
  •   Parent Training

Insurances we accept

Blue Cross Blue Shield
CMS Health Plan